Color Therapy

Some of you may be wondering, "What is color therapy?"

Most of us know that we often use color to describe moods - someone may be green with envy, or a person who is feeling down may be "feeling blue."  We talk about people who always viewing things in the most positive light as "wearing rose colored glasses."

The thing is, colors can impact our emotions too - think of the difference between walking into a room packed with a rainbow of bright colors vs. a room that's beige. I once worked in an office building where the carpet was gray, the desks were gray, the cube walls were gray, and the walls were a steely gray-blue....everyone in that building was unhappy, and we talked about how depressing the whole place was.

There are many ways to use color to change your mood - what you see matters, but so does the light hitting your skin, and the color experienced by your aura. You might wear a color, change the color of a room, use a filter to change the color your eyes are seeing, or use solarized water (basically, flower essences made with colored light instead of flowers). 

Here's a list of emotions different colors might help with:

Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) tend to make people more excited, and cool colors (blue, green, purple) tend to calm people down. 

Red often is used for love and passion, but too much red can draw anger and embarrassment. 

Pink is used for cheerfulness, and for helping you look on the bright side of circumstances.

Orange is often used to draw creativity in. It's the color of enthusiasm, energy, and sexuality.

Yellow, when done in a negative way, might symbolize cowardice, but when used appropriately can bring happiness or caution (or hunger - look at how many restaurants use yellow in their logos!)

Green brings friendliness and wealth...but also symbolizes disgust and envy. It can bring harmony, fertility, and peace.

Blue brings calm - what calm depends on the shade, so consider how they feel to you. Some may be overwhelming, with shyness or sadness. The right blue brings the confidence to speak your truth 

Purple can bring calmness and sleep, but also creativity and spirituality (we think of the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, when we think of purple, which brings a connection to the divine).  As the color of royalty, it brings respect.

White brings a sense of purity and cleanliness. Too much white can be cold or shocking.  In some cultures, white is the color of death and funerals.

Black brings a sense of power and authority, but can also symbolize death. In the "old days" (early 1900s), black was actually a common color for bridesmaids to wear, because it was the color of serious occasions (and most every woman had a black dress!)

Gray is neutral and timeless and practical, but too much can be depressing.

Brown is an earthy, natural color that brings stability and comfort, but can also be draining.

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